Freiden Apartments                                                                                                                                                                                                

Location:  Omaha, Nebraska
Client:  Standard Development 

Year:  2017-2019
Status:   Complete
Program:  Mixed-Use; Residential, Commercial
Area:8,000 s.f.
Design Team:  Emily Andersen, Geoff DeOld, Brian Duncan, Alex Frost, Adam Heier, Ethan Millar, Adam Wiese, Hilary Wiese
Consultants: Structural & Civil: The Wells Resource; MEP: Alvine Engineering
Contractor: Dicon
Photographer: William Hess Photography


This project involves the renovation of a mixed-use building with ground-floor retail space and single room apartments above. The renovation maintains the existing apartment demising walls but reconfigures the unit’s kitchen and bathroom to maximize the space of the studio apartments. To further optimize the unit’s space, apartments are furnished with built-in storage, murphy beds, and fold-out furniture that can transform the apartment from day to night. Additionally, the project goals involved restoring the existing ground-floor storefront. Opening up original clerestory windows and replacing windows restores the ground floor’s transparency for new retail tenants.