Sandler Training                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Location:  Omaha, Nebraska

Year:  2017-2018
Status:   Construction
Program:  Commercial Office
Area:  6,000 s.f.
Design Team: Geoff DeOld, Emily Andersen, Alex Frost, Adam Wiese
Consultants: Structural & Civil:  The Wells Resource; MEP: Geary Engineering
Contractor: Mulder Building Group
Photographer: William Hess Photography 


This project negotiates a site situated between a commercial strip and a single family residential neighborhood. DAA inverted the typical parking lot-to-building relationship by pushing the building to the setback and creating an entrance sequence that involved parking at the side of the building and entering from the side that would typically be the rear of the building. This allowed the entrance to face onto a rain garden designed to manage storm water run-off. This more internalized relationship to the site allowed a better street presence as well as respects the more private nature of the suburban condition. The building houses a training classroom with associated offices as well as speculative office space. Budgetary constraints meant thinking about a building cladding innovatively. Instead of the go-to EIFS systems for similar commercial projects, DAA used a standing-seam metal roof with a randomized panel size to create a texture and depth to the building enclosure.