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Exchange Building

The former site of the Omaha Grain Exchange, The Exchange Building has gone through extensive interior and exterior remodeling over the last century. Multiple renovations stripped its original ornamental details and clad the building in faux ribbon windows and Dryvit. DAA proposed a restoration of the exterior envelope to expose original punched window openings and masonry. Work at the interior included updating the entry lobby, renovating the historic trading floor into a functional multi-purpose room, and re-stacking the existing tenants to accommodate more efficient use of the floor plates by current tenants, while allowing flexibility for future growth and leasing opportunities.

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Client: AIM / The Startup Collaborative

Year: 2015-2016

Status: Study

Program: Commercial Office Restock

Area: 88,200 SF

Design team: Emily Andersen, Geoff DeOld

Consultants: Interior Design: Birdhouse Interior Design. Graphics: Justin Kemerling Design Co.